Multiple choice test techniques

These sorts of test are a god send if you haven’t done any preparation for it, but if you have they can be a nightmare to get perfect scores on. So other than knowing the topic better here are a few techniques I use to improve my chances. Starting with the most obvious:

  • Elimination – Sometimes its far easier to figure out which answers are wrong and eliminate them. In fact, after I’ve found the correct answer of a question I still check the remaining answers to try and eliminate them. Some times, tests and be tricky and there can be two correct answers; but one answer is ‘more’ correct i.e What is a duck? A duck B mammal C mammal with X feature D other.
  • Elimination (again?) – Common sense is very helpful for elimination, should my answer be negative? or even? etc? Sometimes there are specific restrictions for answers so exploit that!
  • True or false – If you notice there are two answers which are polar opposites and they cover all possible scenarios then either of those has to be the correct one. I’ve seen this loads of times, i.e. What is a jajabin? A animal B not animal C alien D e.t. If i pick C or D then you can see picking B would also be correct. But since there is only 1 correct answer A has to be it otherwise all the other answers lead to a contradiction. And we don’t even know what a jajabin is!
  • Answer distribution – The test is normally generated by a computer to give each choice a fair chance of being correct. So in a test of 20 questions with 4 choices, you’d expect 5 answers to be A, 5 to B, and so on. You can use this to your advantage and count your answer distribution. If you end up with 5:3:5:6 that might hint to you one of your answers may be incorrect. This is a useful technique to try and guess where you made a mistake.

Those are all the one’s that come to mind but if you have any more definitely send me the suggestions so I can add them. I’ll credit you too!

PS Everything does get trickier if the multiple choice allows for more than one answer so this is most useful for multiple choice tests with one answer.


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