Weakness targeting – the most simplest revision technique

This can apply to exams, hobbies, life skills, and pretty much anything that requires learning. I’m gonna go ahead and summarise everything about to be said:

Find your weakest point and practice the hell out of that. Rinse and Repeat

The idea behind this is very simple but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this. The main reason for not doing this is psychological, nobody wants to do the work they are bad at. But ironically, that’s where most of your results will come from.

First, you have to understand that you as a student have  an upper bound and lower bound for any test you take. This is of course before you take the test. Most people tend to have an upper bound of 100 because it’s possible that you can end up with a really lucky test filled exclusively with stuff you know. But for the sake of argument lets say your mark ‘m’ falls under 50 < m < 90; so your upper bound is 90 and lower bound is 50. The lower bound is if you got the worse test possible, chances are you still know enough to pass.

Anyhow the way this method works is by targeting the less weak topics you have, the higher the lower bound, the better you’ll do in that test (60 < m < 90). However, If you revise the easy stuff then your upper bound will go up BUT that won’t change your lower bound, you could still end up with 50 (if you get a tough paper)! (50 < m < 100)

Lets think about an example, suppose you’re a medicine student who has an exam on all the biological processes in the body (I’m not a med student so example may be unrealistic. gimme a break :P). Your best topic is stuff related to the digestive system, your worst topic is related to exercise (bio-energetic systems). Then spending an hour on your worst topic may boost your marks in the exam by say 5 marks. On the other hand spending an hour on your best topic, may potentially boost your marks by 1 mark or less since you’re already getting most of those marks anyway right?

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t easy. Every time you work you’ll be faced with the content that you find the most challenging. That could obliterate your self-confidence. Nonetheless, keep in mind that’s where you’ll make the most impact in your revision. So suck it up.

TL;DR Work on your weakest point/topic/skill until it isn’t anymore. Rinse and Repeat

Note: 60 < m < 90 means the marks could be anything between 60 or 90, e.g. 65, 87, but not 91 or 53, etc.


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