Categorising – Problem Solving

There’s a famous saying which you’ve probably heard: Divide and Conquer.

And it still stands today. With all manner of problems the very first thing you want to do is break it down into its smaller parts. Focusing on the smaller parts is not only easier but its also less overwhelming. The greater and more impossible the problem the more part it can be broken down to.

If you get pretty good and this, you’ll also notice that some problems can be broken down and categorised differently. For example, a test can be broken down into the topics that are covered. Or it could be broken down into the different question types in the exam (i.e. Definition, multiple choice, 4-mark essays, etc).

So I suggest, always dividing a problem and categorising it differently. This way you’ll get a new perspective with regards to what your weaknesses are. Maybe it’s not the content you are struggling but instead the lack of preparation for a 20 mark essay?

This strategy of problem solving applies to all aspects of life where you want to conquer something. An achievement, a dream, even a person. Take the little steps, divide it, conquer it.


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