Memorising – Long term (Part 1)

When you break down a large task into smaller parts; the smaller parts may involve having to memorise something. Maybe even memorise a lot of things. For something like this, you might think you'd simply have to repeat it to yourself until its a part of your very soul but that's a very inefficient way … Continue reading Memorising – Long term (Part 1)


Weakness targeting – the most simplest revision technique

This can apply to exams, hobbies, life skills, and pretty much anything that requires learning. I'm gonna go ahead and summarise everything about to be said: Find your weakest point and practice the hell out of that. Rinse and Repeat The idea behind this is very simple but you'd be surprised how many people don't … Continue reading Weakness targeting – the most simplest revision technique

Multiple choice test techniques

These sorts of test are a god send if you haven't done any preparation for it, but if you have they can be a nightmare to get perfect scores on. So other than knowing the topic better here are a few techniques I use to improve my chances. Starting with the most obvious: Elimination - … Continue reading Multiple choice test techniques


Efficiency and Grades

Let me first begin by introducing the 80/20 rule (Pareto principle). Its a distribution related to work to effect or reward to time ratio, the idea being 80% of the initial work can be done with 20% of effort and the remaining 20% of work requires 80% of the remaining effort to get done. Think … Continue reading Efficiency and Grades